One-Page Case Studies

While the benefits of sharing the full story of your clients’ success with your product, service, program, or course are vast, sometimes you need to share their results at a glance! One-page case studies are strategically formatted to do just that.

One-page case studies are perfect for business owners who:

  • Want to start using case studies in their marketing but don’t have the budget to investment in a full-story case study

  • Have an offering that’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t need more than a one-page write-up

  • Have prospects who are strapped for time and require a quick read 

  • Already have a full-story case study (or two!) about a particular offering but want to supplement them with additional client success stories

My one-page case studies are complelling and engaging marketing tools that include the following features:

  • An intriguing headline that highlights your client’s biggest result or results 

  • A brief summary section that introduces your client to the reader

  • Strategically written descriptions that recount your client’s challenges, showcase your solution(s), and highlight the full range of your client’s results

  • A juicy quote from your client that speaks to the power of your work

  • A call-to-action section that lets your prospects know exactly how to contact you

My One-Page Case Study service includes…

  • Guidance in selecting the best client to feature in your case study
  • A 30-45 minute interview with your client
  • A compelling and engaging case study that’s formatted on one powerful page 
  • Design + branding to match your other marketing collaterals
  • Implementation strategy to help you use your case study in the way that will be most effective for your business

One-page case studies can be delivered in one of two formats — or both:

  • A wireframe that’s ready to go onto your website (hello, SEO!)
  • A PDF that’s not only beautiful, but super easy to share, share, share!

Investment: $1,000 per case study



Reliable and organized, Dana not only crafted two compelling case studies to convert curious leads to new clients, she made the process easy as pie. Beyond setting clear expectations every step of the way, she ensured the interview process was an exceptional experience for my featured clients—who instantly felt comfortable communicating with her. Writing about yourself and your work isn’t easy. If you’re frustrated with trying to highlight what sets you and your business apart, stop stressing and hire Dana.

Christy Wolff

Curious how the process works?

Here’s my “One-Page Case Study” process that requires little more from you than some chit-chat and an intro:

Step 1: Let’s Talk

We’ll have a 30-minute phone call or Zoom session where we’ll dive into what you want your case studies to do and who you want them to reach. Then, we’ll pinpoint the best subjects and stories to base your case studies around.

Step 2: Getting the Story

Once you’ve nailed down the client or clients you’d like to feature in your case studies, we have one more brief call where I gather all of the background information I need to run the perfect interview with them.

Step 3: The Intro

You’ll introduce me to your client, and your work is done! If you need an email template or language to help get buy-in or introduce them to the project, I’ve got plenty to share.

Step 4: The Interview

I schedule the interview with your client, and handle all project management from this point forward, including revisions and timelines. I keep my interview with your client to 45 minutes or less, while making them feel comfortable every step of the way.

Step 5: Time to Write

I create a polished first draft within 7 days of the client interview, then send it to your client to review. Once they’ve approved the draft, it’s headed your way for any tweaks or changes you’d like.

Step 6: Oh My Gosh — I Love it!

My favorite part is when you see your beautifully designed and branded case study for the first time! Not only will you see a record of your client’s success with your service, but you’ll also see your own success, too — as well learn the full value that your work has on others. It’s a very exciting experience!

The best part of all? You now have a sales tool that can be used in endless ways for the life of your business in the following ways:

  • On your website
  • As support for proposals
  • As social proof on your sales pages
  • During sales presentations
  • As lead magnets
  • At conferences and trade shows
  • As blog post features
  • Repurposed as testimonials
  • As email marketing and social media content

If you’re looking to turn more leads into clients, it’s time to create your own case studies that close sales!