Close more sales and attract ideal clients through the stories of your customers’ success.


Hi, I’m Dana.

I write case studies that help service-based businesses showcase their results and close more sales.

Nothing sells better
than results

For all the time and money spent honing marketing messages, debating brand strategy, and detailing features and benefits, there’s one thing that trumps them all — results.

Your prospect has one question that weighs heavier on their mind than any other: Will this work for me?

By showcasing the stories of your customers’ success, you allow your prospects to see themselves in your solution, removing any hesitation about whether your service will work for them, and affirming that it will (even if your prices are higher than the rest!).

Are you struggling to…

  • Consistently close sales?
  • Attract your ideal clients?
  • Sell your services at premium rates?
  • Differentiate yourself from others in your industry?

Start showcasing your results,
and you’ll…

  • Prove ROI — the #1 clincher to closing more sales
  • Magnetize prospects looking for the results you provide
  • Show why your prices are worth every penny
  • Stand out from the crowd in your field


Molly Mahar

“I needed case studies to help show the transformation possible with one of my programs. Dana was the perfect neutral third party. She researched my program and understood exactly what kind of stories would highlight the best results. She conducted the client interviews with heart, integrity, and warmth. I now have compelling case studies, loaded with quotes that I can pull out and repurpose, to use again and again.”

Katie Wood

“I can simply say that Dana is the backbone of my company. The case studies she’s created for me have helped me grow my business. It is crucial to have someone on the outside create these positive stories, not only to validate that your product is helping others, but also to save time and give your clients a comfortable environment to share their authentic views. Plus, the design is gorgeous!”

Rachel Gogos

“Case studies have become powerful tools in our sales process. When I share examples and stories of how we’ve helped people in similar situations to the one my prospect is in, it’s so much easier to close sales. Dana’s passion for creating case studies is obvious, and I trust her with my clients 100%. She knows how to find the story, as well as highlight the best features and quotes, so that the power and results of our work shines through.”

Case studies:
The ultimate sales tool

They may not sound sexy, but one stellar case study can pack a serious punch. Best of all, they’re good for the life of your business!

Use them as…

  • Proof of ROI
  • Lead magnets
  • Email outreach
  • Social media and ad content
  • Blog post features
  • Sales process collateral
  • Support for website copy
  • Trade show and conference material
  • Staff training for sales and marketing teams

Ready to shine a light on your customers’ success?