Case Studies that Close Sales

There isn’t a single business on the planet that can’t benefit from sharing their clients’ success through case studies. Doing so positions you favorably in so many ways, including:
  • Instantly establishing your authority as a business that gets results
  • Highlighting you as a well-oiled machine that has processes and practices that work
  • As someone who understands your ideal prospects — not just who they are but what they need to make a buying decision
  • Getting you that all-important third-party validation that prospects need to see to build confidence in your offering
  • Helping you stand out from the throngs of others in your industry
  • As a business well worth your price point (even if it’s significantly higher!)

Case studies can help you do all of that — as long as you’ve got them available and ready to use!

When you hire me for Case Studies that Close Sales, you’ll receive:

  • Professionally (and beautifully!) designed and branded case studies in the format that works best for your business.
Choose from:
  • A wireframe that’s ready for your website (benefits = search engine-friendly and a cohesive look and feel with your site)
  • A PDF (perfect for sales teams or business owners who want to send a case study with their proposals)
  • One “testimonial snippet” per case study — a short, succinct, and impactful highlight of the juiciest part of your case study…perfect for incorporating into any sales page or landing page, or used as a teaser feature on a prominent page on your website.

Buy 1-3 case studies for $1,750 each
Buy 4+ case studies: $1,500 each
12-month retainer with 1 case study per month: $1,250 each



“Dana was an absolute pleasure to work with, and she was able to capture my success story into an amazing case study. Not only did she treat me with the utmost respect, she made MY clients feel amazing during her information-gathering process. Thanks to her perfectly created case study, I’ve already made back my investment — and plan to do so again and again.”

Bobbie Maloy

Curious how the process works?

Here’s my “Case Studies that Close Sales” process that requires little more from you than some chit-chat and an intro:

Step 1: Let’s Talk

With a background in journalism and close to two decades of writing experience in many different forms, I’ve talked to countless entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders to know what questions to ask, how to guide the conversation, and how to pull out the gems that will make your case study sing.

Step 2: The Intro

You’ll introduce me to your client, and your communication with them is done! If you need an email template or language to help get buy-in or introduce them to the project, I’ve got plenty to share.

Step 3: ..and We’re Rolling

I schedule the interview with your client, and handle all project management from this point forward, including revisions and timelines.

Step 4: Getting the Story

I have a quick chat with you to discuss the details of the project and any particular points that shouldn’t be missed. Then I interview your client in 30 minutes or less, providing a recording and transcript at the project’s end.

Step 5: Time to Write

I create a polished first draft within 7 days of the client interview, then send it to your client to review. Once they’ve approved the draft, it’s headed your way for any tweaks or changes you’d like.

Step 6: Oh My Gosh — I Love it!

My favorite part is when you see your beautifully designed and branded case study for the first time! Not only can you see a record of your client’s success with your service, but — in turn — you see your own success as well. Congrats on a job well done!

The best part of all? You now have a sales tool that can be used in endless ways for the life of your business in the following ways:

  • On your website
  • As support for proposals
  • As social proof on your sales pages
  • During sales presentations
  • As lead magnets
  • At conferences and trade shows
  • As blog post features
  • Repurposed as testimonials
  • As email marketing and social media content

If you’re looking to turn more leads into clients, it’s time to create your own case studies that close sales!